Have you had a car accident?

Not to worry, here at BP Motors we make the repair process simple and hassle free

We recognise that any collision or accident can be traumatic, so we do everything possible to relieve you of stress and anxiety

10 simple steps to repairing your car:

  • We assess your car's damage
  • We arrange the new parts for your car
  • We arrange the insurance paperwork
  • We arrange to get your car to us and let you know in how many days you will get it back
  • If required we will arrange a replacement car
  • We will repair the damage
  • We will keep you informed by text or phone of your cars repair status
  • We make sure you are satisfied with the end result
  • Payment is due - either the bill or the insurance excess
  • We will call you a few days later to make sure everything is OK
Remember, it is your legal right to have your car repaired anywhere of your choice. If you contact your insurance company they may try to get the repairs done at the lowest possible price without caring too much about the quality of repair.

For free advice on repairing your vehicle, please contact us here or alternatively call 01242 245 698
 A car being prepped for repair

Phone: 01242 245 698
Phone: 01242 529 439
Email: bpmotors@hotmail.co.uk


"Many thanks for doing a splendid job - as good as new"

Sincerely KJ

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